About Us

Make your trip a fantasy!!!!. We put at your disposal, a select group of professionals in tourism, who will make your visit to Peru an unforgettable experience. We have a variety of services that fit your trip plan and needs. Having a look thru our website, you will find the best tours of our wonderful and lovely Peru.
Our priority is the your satisfaction, that’s why we offer a personalized service, where you will be able to make your own itinerary with our help, according with your expectations, time and budget. Thru your trip, we will be in constant communication because it is important for us to let us know your comments in all the places you will visit..
Waiting to have your trust in us, we put at your disposal our work and special charm in what we do to help you better and better all the time


Why we are Different

Because our main satisfaction is your satisfaction. Why our tours are personalized and suitable to the interests, preferences and needs of each traveler, always in the hands of a team-focused on quality of service and plan your trip so that you feel safe and can enjoy the most his trip to Peru, without worries of any kind. For this reason, we care about working with people who share our vision of tourism and whose priority is the welfare and satisfaction of every traveler.

Because our team knows each destination in our country and is highly qualified to create and provide the best travel options, and offer a range of services as diverse as it is our own country. Whether you are traveling alone, with family and friends or want to enjoy a romantic honeymoon, our team will guide you through the most fun experiences, magical, relaxing and impressive to be found in each destination of Peru, respecting sustainable tourism and conservation of our natural resources, historical and cultural.

Because more than a travel agency, we consider ourselves ambassadors of our country and we want every person traveling with us can live and enjoy himself authentic experiences that can nourish your spirit, knowing new cultures with traditions that remain as vivid as before , admiring the great historical and artistic legacy of legendary peoples who inhabited this territory, enjoying the tranquility of the idyllic landscape scenes brimming with wildlife, challenging himself through adrenalin adventure experiences or enjoying one of the best cuisines.

For us you are not a tourist but a traveler.