Why come to Peru?

Little by little the treasures that Peru kept secret for centuries are being unveiled to the world, turning Peru into one of the favorite destinations chosen by all kind of travelers.

Trying to explain why come to Peru in just a few words is almost impossible to achieve, but the words that probably capture the true essence of this country might be diversity, beauty and mysticism. Peru is a land of unparalleled contrasts, with 87 of the 107 ecosystems known around the world, its exuberant territory full of idyllic natural sceneries bursting with life, a glorious past that presents itself through impressive historical remains, and a multicultural nation that makes its way towards the future without forgetting its past.

Dear traveler, Peru invites you to be carried away by the warm of its people, and to live inspiring, fun, unforgettable experiences traveling around a country that teach us to value what really matters in life.


Due to its enormous geographical and climatic diversity, Peru is one of the seventeen countries acknowledged as megadiverse, owning an immeasurable natural wealth that turns Peru into one of the most important ecological refuges of the planet, and one of the top destinations preferred by scientists and wildlife lovers, earning the title of The Modern Noah’s Ark.


 Peru is also famous for having some of the most beautiful natural sceneries of the world, with a diversity that goes from the breathtaking snow-capped Andean mountains, the exuberant Amazonian rainforest, the peaceful Peruvian deserts, to the relaxing beaches of the coast. This fascinating diversity makes Peru one the most attractive destinations for sports lovers. Whether it be trekking the mystic Inca Trail, hiking the White Cordillera, practicing kayak on the Titicaca Lake, defying gigantic dunes on Ica, or surfing the tropical waves of the Peruvian coast, travelers will enjoy unforgettable experiences full of adrenalin and speed while they are surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Peru is home to some of the greatest civilizations of the world; legendary cultures and lost cities that date back from a glorious past, even before the rise of the Inca Empire.  The encounter of wise ancient cultures and foreign cultures has left a country with a cultural and artistic heritage that astonishes the world, a country that takes pride in its multuculturality, and where living cultures and modernity coexists day by day. Perhaps we find the best example of this multicultural encounter in the exquisite diverse Peruvian cuisine, fruit of the native, African, Asian and European wisdom that have made the most of the natural richness of this lands, turning Peru into the best culinary destination of the world for 2012.


Peru is a country of thriving, happy and kind people that waits for you with open arms so you can discover by yourself the flavors, colors and sounds that this rich land embraces, making of your staying in Peru an unforgettable experience.