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We will travel back in time going into the glorious past of the city that was once the most important capital of South America. On this tour, we will stroll through the charming streets of Lima, appreciating the marvelous fusion of   indigenous, Spanish and Moorish architecture while we pass by fresh gardens and beautiful Colonial manor houses with their carved wooden balconies.  Finally, we will visit the San Francisco Convent and its Catacombs to discover the secrets hidden under the city.


  • DEPARTURES.- 11:00 a.m. ó  14:00 p.m.

    After we have the joy to meet you, we take to the streets to see the charming City of the Kings, Lima, where we will visit


    We will continue our tour visiting one of the most beloved places by Lima’s bohemians: The Cordano Bar. Founded in 1905 by the Cordano brothers, it’s now the oldest restaurant - bar in the city. Since its opening, it became a bohemian haunt for travellers, intellectuals, politicians and even presidents.

    Museum dedicated to the exhibition of our culinary culture, know its history and development of the most representative dishes of our country.

    Franciscan convent, Known for their catacombs that was the used like a cemetery in colonial times. Entering the Convent of San Francisco, admire the artistic jewels that are stored inside, reaching its catacombs, with their mysterious secret tunnels that still await discovery.


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